Slow Gameplay?

Some people have been reporting slower than average gameplay, which I can assure you was not intended for. I do not have any exact system requirements for the game, but the game does carry a higher than normal requirement, especially compared to other games created with Game Maker, as Paper Sonic runs in a higher than normal resolution, and has tons of objects on the screen at once. If your game seems to be running too slow, you can tell if it is running slow due to your computer by watching the timer in the upper left corner. If the seconds count up way too slow, then the game is running slow because your computer doesn’t meet the requirements. Whether the game runs fine, or runs too slow on your computer, it would help if you could please comment on this post and include your basic system specifications if you know them. Processor type and speed, and RAM Is all I need. With information from all of you, I will be able to help narrow down to find out what the minimum system requirements for the game is.


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