Thank you for your interest in the Paper Sonic Demo! Please remember that the game is still in a early beta and anything is subject to change before the final version.

This demo lets you play through the entire first level of the game, Paper Green Hill, and one special stage. Paper Green Hill has 3 acts, the first two which are standard levels, and a third which is solely for the boss. The ideas and concept of the first level is very similar to the first Sonic game on the Genesis paying homage to it, but we promise every following level will be completely original.

Download The Paper Sonic Demo Here!

More information (Also available by pressing F1 while playing the game):
-Control the game using the arrows to move, spacebar to jump and select, and Enter as the start button. The jump button may be changed to a different key in the options menu, and I apologize if there is a problem with this feature.
-The game supports limited game controller support. The left analog stick controls movement, button 1 is the jump button, and button 8 is the start button. You may use both the game controller and keyboard at the same time if you are unable to use certain parts of the game controller as configured (such as the start button). The game has been tested to work perfectly with the Joybox GameCube to USB converter.
-If the game encounters a gltich, the easiest way to fix it would be to simply close the game, and re-open it.
-Please fill out the Demo Survey upon completion of the game, which can be found on the website.
-You can enter a special stage by collecting 50 rings, hitting a lampost, and jumping into the stars that appear.
-Similar to all Sonic games except for the first one, you are able to spindash by crouching and pressing the jump button. The more times you press the jump button, the faster you will release.
-You are given a rank at the end of every level. For standard levels (acts 1 and 2), you are based on your time, number of rings held at the end, how many enemies you killed, and how many times you were hit or killed. The A through C ranks are based as you would think, more on your speed over anything else (with other requirements), but the coveted S rank requires you to complete the level 100% within a certain amount of time. For the boss, all ranks are based on time and how many times you are hurt.
-Pressing F9 while playing will take a screenshot of the game. Post screenshots of your best achievements on the website!


7 Responses to “Demo”

  1. Angus Says:

    This new paper sonic game is really cool. I cant wait to get the whole game!!!

  2. Anthony Says:

    Wow! Not bad at all! But, you’ll definately need to put in more animations on the jump and spinball, they’re stale. I’d already give this an 8/10!

  3. Travis Says:

    Thats a very good game

  4. Josh H. Says:

    There isn’t a mac version.

  5. ElChibo Says:

    yes, im sorry josh, but game maker, the program i use to make it, doesn’t support macs at all. im sorry for the inconvenience.

  6. ClassicTeam Says:

    Wowe, this game is really good. I really like the idea, Although I wish this idea could have been used for A RPG game. Oh well, its still quite good.

  7. RedTheHedgehog Says:

    Nice! The boss, however, doesn’t come close enough. It was only reachable a by spindash/jump combo. Also, the platforms should be able to be gone through. It made the boss too hard.

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